John F. Kennedy Is Not The Only One Of The Best Presidents

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John F. Kennedy is considered not the only one of the best Presidents in the history of our country, but one of the best leaders of his time. During his Presidency, he faced the life threatening issue of the Cold War, and had to not only run a country under complete utter stress, but counter many situations uniquely like the Bay of Pigs Invasion. But, he was also an excellent speaker, and during his inaugural address in January of 1963, he stated, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country.” President Kennedy was a well-educated man that was, of course, a bold leader. When I say leader, I mean an individual who can critically think for themselves, and be capable of…show more content…
The quote I took from John F. Kennedys speech would be considered a literary art, and that the topic that I would like the get into. What is the aim of literary arts? And my answer is merely to create leadership qualities within individuals. Since his speech was literary art, part of it was focused on helping people do just this, by provoking them to help out there country instead of staying in the bandwagon of doing nothing. If used right, other forms of literary arts such as books are aimed at this very same reason, to let people think, develop their own ideas, and expand their mind into one of a leader. But as Richard E. Miller put it, “But however painful it may be to admit, it is clear that those of us who remain committed to books are part of a residual culture whose days are numbered.” What he is trying to stress is the fact that people do not care about reading, or enlightening their minds with the written word anymore, because they believe it is doing nothing for them. Looking closely at this statement, think about the people in your life that actually like reading. I know my brother will not pick up a book nor would like the read the books in school, but on the other hand I would. This is because when I read novels on my own, I am free to develop my own perspective and get my own lesson out of it, unlike what was allowed for in schools which brainwashed my brother into disliking
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