John F Kennedy Thesis Statement

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John F. Kennedy(JFK)

John "Jack" Fitzgerald Kennedy has been a part of the United State's history. Not only because he was one of their many presidents, but also because he made a change. He seemed pretty normal. Not too arrogant, not too shy, but I think he changed many people's opinion about things. He made the people, not only in the USA, but many other places a little bit happier when they watched television. He gave many people hope and peace and the days weren't actually peaceful. A lot of things had happened and many things were about to change. The Cold War was still going on, and they were building a wall across Germany, people were afraid, black people was soon going to get the rights they deserved as a human being and he gave them,
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1917 in Brooklyn, Massachusetts. His parents were Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Kennedy, a well known couple in the United States, and they had a lot of money. He grew up with competitions in the center, and his family expected a lot from him and his 9 siblings. As a child and a teenager he was funny and careless most of the time. But because of the way he grew up and all the expectations, he played many different sports like football. He graduated at Harvard, even though he was pretty "dumb" at school. All the way through his childhood he was sick of some kind. He mostly had fever, but the sickness faded over time. As a teenager he was thin in a unhealthy way because of the sickness. One day, when he played football he got his back hurt, and it stoped him from joining the US army later in his life. He practiced a lot so the back wouldn't be a problem for him anymore and he could join the army. He later did.

John F. Kennedy was USA's thirty-fifth president. He won the election in 1960 against Richard Nixon and he was the president from January 1961 to November 1963. He was one of the youngest presidential candidates at an age of 43 years. The only presidential candidate who had been younger then him was F.D. Roosevelt. He was an democratic American politician and a catholic. As a catholic he wasn't very famous, because the people in the United States weren't catholics, but the few who were, were most likely voting for him. Anyways, he won the people's heart and eventually became the
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