John F. Kennedy 's Assassination

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There are lots of people that have differing opinions on John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Some even believe that his assassination was a conspiracy. Today I will be explaining three different historians’ views on the matter, but all serious historians didn’t think that there was a conspiracy. I have randomly selected three historians who’s names follow: Michael Rivero, Daniel Czitrom, and Oliver Stone. These are three very credible historians, and have done thorough research on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. I will first start off with historian Oliver Stone. According to Stone, the President’s Commission on the assassination presented their findings to President Lyndon B. Johnson, which concluded the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a misfit and communist sympathizer and had been a lone assassin in JFK’s assassination. Then a man by the name of Jack Ruby whom was a nightclub owner, murdered Oswald, and no other individuals were involved. The commission submitted a 900-page report, and its 20,000 pages distributed material served to substantiate the declaration that the commission had completely investigated all features of the assassination. Oswald further goes on explaining that a lot of critics, whom were mostly lawyers and free-lance writers, had found flaws in the report. Their works questioned their findings relating to Oswald. They doubted that Oswald was able to fire three consecutive shots within five to seven seconds of the sixth floor in…

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