John F Kennedy 's Inaugural Speech

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John F Kennedy’s inaugural speech is widely considered one of the best speeches ever given. By the time Kennedy was elected, he had earned a degree from Harvard University, spent time in the Navy during the Second World War, and was already enjoying a successful political career serving in both houses of Congress. Kennedy delivered his eloquent inaugural speech to thousands of people on the steps of the Capitol building and millions more watching the broadcast on television which was the first to be shown in color. Something that I believe that he did better than other political speakers is that not only did he attempt to comfort his audience of the fear of the spread of communism, but he also successfully maintained the same tone throughout his speech; not only did that make his speech easier to comprehend and well received but it has continued to inspire generations since. Ultimately, the newly elected president delivered one of the most quoted and well known inaugural speeches to date. President Kennedy understood, given the political turmoil that the world was facing, that he would not only be addressing Americans that day, but the entire world and at one point even addressed them directly stating “My fellow citizens of the world”. (Kennedy, 1961) People from all walks of life would eventually hear or read this speech so Kennedy attempted to “paint a picture” of how the world was changing in 1961 and he used several examples of compare and contrast to do so. For example
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