John F. Kennedy 's Inaugural Speech

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Being number two on the list of top one hundred speeches in, it is no surprise that John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural speech on January 20, 1961had a great impact on the American public (ar100). His speech is famous for it’s eloquence and ending call to action, challenging the American public to, “ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country (JFK 1).” Traditionally, inaugural speeches are given to unify the nation and provide a clear picture of what the future will look like throughout the presidency. During the time of Kennedy’s inaugural speech, the American people were becoming increasingly fearful of a very long cold war. However, instead of instilling a feeling of peace for the United States, Kennedy spoke of a long struggle, emphasizing the major differences between the United States and its enemies, and outlined the specific responsibilities and obligations of the United States citizens. Kennedy’s speech was eloquently delivered and well-crafted, however there was much more depth to his speech than just how well is was delivered. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address showed the American foreign policy and raised the stakes of the cold war. This essay will critically analyze Kennedy’s Inaugural Address. Kennedy called for an increase in the United States role of intervening in global relations and expanding in the name of freedom. Kennedy vows to support any nation wanting to pursue liberty and democracy. This call for an
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