John F. Kennedy 's President Of The United States

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John F. Kennedy When John F Kennedy served as the 35th president of the United States his overall goal was to issue civil rights for everyone. Fortunately, he was very successful in doing so when he achieved this goal before being assassinated. Many people would argue his presidency was a failure due to the Cuban missile crisis that almost started a nuclear war, however, due to Kennedy 's leadership we were able to come to a peaceful agreement. John F Kennedy was successful in office because he prevented nuclear armageddon, established the Peace Corps to help struggling countries, and achieved his goal of civil rights in America.

After World War II ended in the Cold War was on the brink, it was the beginning of the nuclear age "Scientists in the United States, Great Britain, and Soviet Union conducted tests and developed more powerful nuclear weapons." (Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 1) in 1959, radioactive waste was found in crops from the northern United States farmlands "… The United Nations disarmament commission brought together the US, UK, Canada, France, and Soviet union to begin negotiations on ending nuclear weapon testing." (Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 1) conflict between the US and the Soviet Union began when the enforced on site inspections to verify underground testing, The Soviet Union became suspicious of this leading to spying. Although the treaty created conflict between the nations, with the consent of the Senate, the treaty was ratified and there was no longer…

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