John F. Kennedy 's Presidential Election

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On November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated before his first term came to an end. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson had been appointed as President of The United States due to Kennedy’s untimely death. The presidential campaign for the 36th presidential election had begun and in January, 1964 the Republican Senator of Arizona, Barry Goldwater, announced his candidacy for President while Goldwater announced his running to be reelected. People believed that the presidential election was of crucial importance between Johnson and Goldwater and would be one of the best elections in history. With the United States still suffering from the death of John F. Kennedy, the segregation among Blacks and Whites and the discrimination against Blacks still created a massive uproar. The social injustice for African-Americans continued to grow as presidential campaigns were being established. African Americans believed the false promises while the government still conspired against Blacks by depriving them of the opportunities that are given to the White community every day. In Cleveland, Ohio, in 1964, a public speaker delivered his speech on the ignorance of white politicians and the actions that need to be taken for African-Americans not to fall through the cracks and believe the lies they are being told and registered that equality for all races can occur. On April 3, 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio, at Cory Methodist Church, a minister and civil rights
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