John F. Kennedy 's Speech

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On January 20, 1961, John F. Kennedy gave what is arguably the most influential inaugural address in the history of the United States. With the shifting political and social dynamics in America during this time period, Kennedy knew that finding a common ground for everyone would be the best way to create peace and unity within the nation. He directly speaks to foreign countries and citizens of the United States while sending the same message: the world should be striving for peace, and the responsibly lies with individuals working together. By delivering this message of unity, Kennedy effectively persuade citizens to put aside any feelings of hostility they have and to come together as one. Kennedy won the presidency by a small margin, and he knew that he needed to gain the support of the majority of the country through this speech. The two major reasons Kennedy won by such a small amount were his age and religion. During his speech, Kennedy indirectly addresses these two issues to show that they will not be a problem during his presidency. Kennedy mentions God at both the beginning and end of his speech. He does this in order to bridge the gap between him and the Protestants in the country. By opening up his speech talking about God, Kennedy reminds the religious majority that he still worships the same deity, despite being Catholic. Religion has the capability of creating a common bond between people, which Kennedy creates at the beginning of his speech and reinforces at
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