John F Kennedy's Assassination as the Turning Point of the Vietnam War

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Running Head: The Turning Point The Turning Point The Turning Point: I have chosen the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy as it proved to be a real turning point in the history of Vietnam. Kennedy, who had initially delivered 400 special advisors to Vietnam in order to train the Vietnamese soldiers against counter-insurgence, was eliminated in Dallas (Texas) on 26th November 1963. The events preceding the turning point: As mentioned earlier, J. F. Kennedy was providing the Vietnamese government with advisors. He started with the initial 400 U.S. military counselors and the number was raised to 16,300 American military advisors after his assassination. A communist takeover was to be prevented and that is why Kennedy supported Diem and his brother's government. However, Diem was a poor controller, a bad ruler. He, along with his brother, made brutal policies against Buddhists and eliminated a large amount of them in the Buddhists sanctuaries of Saigon. Diem's brother Nhu was heavily involved in these activities together with his brother's full support and the army trained by American military advisors (Moss, 2010). Nhu's wife even referred to the Buddhists as "barbecue" on a television show. All of this along with the fact that the Buddhists were denied the right to display their holy flags on the birthday of Buddha caused an immediate outburst in South Vietnam. Heavy protests started taking place and several Buddhist monks even burnt themselves to fatality as
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