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Chapter 15 Solutions Review Questions 1. Your server has some damaged disk areas and won’t boot or run chkdsk automatically when you try to boot. Which of the following options should you try to fix the disk? Answer: d. Boot from the Windows Server 2008 installation DVD and access the command prompt to run chkdsk. 2. You are training a new server administrator and are discussing common boot problems. Which of the following do you mention? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. disk read errors, b. corrupted boot file, c. corrupted partition table, and d. disk failure on a drive containing boot files 3. You’ve just added a new monitor and driver to your server, but when you reboot, the display on the monitor is unreadable and…show more content…
(Choose all that apply.) Answer: b. Check the system log for memory errors. and c. Check the Hardware Events log. 8. Name three options that are available when you boot into the repair mode from the Windows Server 2008 installation DVD. Answer: Windows Complete PC Restore, Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool, and Command Prompt 9. Which of the following might be part of your problem-solving strategy? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. Regularly check the logs. and d. Look for the simple solutions first. 10. You have inadvertently deleted an important Group Policy Object. What tool can you use to restore it? Answer: Group Policy Management MMC snap-in 11. Your Windows Server 2008 server is having trouble booting, and you suspect that it is related to a driver or service that is not properly starting. How can you track each of the startup actions of the server so that you can later go back and review each one for problems? Answer: c. Select Enable Boot Logging from the Advanced Boot Options menu options when you boot. 12. Your company’s server won’t boot. The Management Council just completed the five-year strategic plan and placed the only copy on the server before it crashed. Which of the following can you do to try and retrieve the file containing the plan? Answer: d. Boot into the command line and use the copy command to copy the file off of

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