John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Jack) was born in Brooklyn Massachusetts on May 29, 1917, to Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald, who were the children of Patrick Kennedy and John Fitzgerald (Honey Fitz), whose parents both emigrated from Ireland in 1858. Honey Fitz was governor of Boston and served on the House of Representatives. Both men were influential in politics.

Joseph and Rose Kennedy had nine children: Joseph Jr., John, Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean, and Edward (Teddy). They set up a million dollar trust fund for each of their children for their education, so that they would never have to worry. This let them devote their lives to public good. The parents divided supper into two
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John wrote a collection of tributes to him. In 1948, Kathleen was also killed in a plane crash. Joe’s death affected John deeply, because he had wanted a career in politics, but couldn’t because his brother had chosen that field. When Joe died, John decided to go into politics because it was his natural calling. He decided to run for the 11th district Massachusetts House of Representatives seat. The district was predominantly Democratic, and so was Kennedy, so he was sure to win. His family came to his side to help him. He defeated eight other candidates. He was reelected in 1938 and 1950. His back injury continued to bother him. He ran for senate in 1952. His family gathered once again to help him. He won by a landslide. He was one of a few Democrats to be elected. John helped pass many bills important to his home state’s textile industry.
In Washington, D.C., John met his future wife, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. They were married on September 12, 1953. Jackie was born on July 28, 1929, in Southampton, Long Island, New York. She attended private schools in America and Paris. Caroline, their daughter was born in 1957 and John Jr. was born on November 25, 1960, 17 days after John was elected for President.

John’s back still gave him a lot of pain. He had a series of operations to correct the problems in 1954. In 1955, he wrote a book about courageous senators, entitled Profiles in Courage. It
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