John Forsyth : One Of The Most Accomplished Statesman And Politicians

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John Forsyth was known as one of the most accomplished statesman and politicians in Georgia history. Forsyth was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia on October 22, 1780. His parents were Fanny Johnston Houston and Robert Forsythe. When he was five, John and his family moved to the beautiful city of Augusta, Georgia. When he was 13, his father, who was appointed the first U.S. marshal of the District of Georgia, was shot and killed while serving a warrant. Growing up, he attended Springer Academy in Wilkes County, Georgia. Later, he graduated from the College of New Jersey (which is known as Princeton University) in 1799. After graduating from college, he moved back to Augusta, where he studied law and was admitted to the bar (which is the procedure that governs the authorization of attorneys to practice law before the state and federal courts) in 1802. He married Clara Meigs, the daughter of Josiah Meigs, the first president of the University of Georgia that same year. Together, they had six daughters and two sons. His influences included his father, the city of Augusta, and his wife. In his earlier years, John Forsyth displayed great leadership skills and potential. He began practicing law with John Noel in Augusta, Georgia. Forsyth excelled in his practice and became known as an outstanding lawyer. After his experience of practicing law for six years, he was appointed to serve as Georgia’s Attorney General, which launched his successful political career in 1808. His career
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