John Gerstein's Article On Intimacy

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While this article was written decades before the Internet became a widespread phenomenon, it is notable to say that Facebook is a perfect example of those who make their relationships a display. People are sharing large amounts of data with the world by revealing information on what they’re doing, where they are, uploading photos, and thus, it is a go-to for couples to show off their acts of affection. The Internet allows people to be more open about themselves and this would be in the case of the data double, which is said that this version is truer than the “real life” self . They are able to go forth and put out their relationships as something to be looked at and to be jealous or admired of. Gerstein would not have known that this would…show more content…
He states one thing yet implies another, such as the case of saying that the observers are not to blame, yet placing all the guilt upon them. He fails to take the opportunity to place in counterarguments within his article to strengthen his own and it comes off ignorant to ignore these flaws in his article. Yes, he is correct in saying that there is a relationship between intimacy and privacy, and that in certain cases, intimacy does require to be private, but he does not give a persuasive argument as to why. Unlike Inness who describes in detail what intimacy is, Gerstein glosses over it before diving into why it is significantly related to privacy. He puts forth a very broad and general overlook of people in relationships, and implies that everyone wishes for privacy, but he does not consider that every individual is different. Some seek out attention and some are able to easily bounce between different experiences, while others simply do not care. It is presumptuous to say that everyone is self-conscious enough to completely break out of an experience, and the argument itself becomes very weak when it has to rely on broad generalizations. Gerstein has a good subject matter and his overall argument of his article could be understood, but he fails to completely support it and as a result, it is difficult to support it and it loses its audience very
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