John Gifford's Vaccination Case Study

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Interview of Licensee, Shawna Gifford on September 19, 2017

Also present was attorney, Johnny K. Richardson. Dr. Gifford stated the following: Dr. Gifford has been employed at the Phelps County Regional Medical Centers Waynesville site for approximately one and a half years. The nurse, Christina Dhabolt that administered the vaccine normally worked with Dr. Miller in the same offices. Because Dr. Gifford’s nurse was at lunch, Miller’s nurse filled in for her.

The error was found after the vaccine was given and Ms. Lee had left the offices. The Ms. Dhabolt was going to enter the vaccination record into the online systems and the system wouldn’t allow it. The system flagged the entry because the Lot number on the vaccine did not match the pediatric Lot numbers. Both Dr. Gifford and the office manager, Christine Wilson was immediately contacted by Ms. Dhabolt and informed of the error.
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Gifford says she called Ms. Lee and told her what happened, had the vaccines checked by office staff and found no other expired dosages. She called the parents to explain what happened, and advised them her research found no adverse effects listed in the larger dosage/expired vaccine. She told the parents to contact her with any concerns or questions, but otherwise she would see James at his normal 24 month check-up. She did follow up with the couple a few weeks later to check on James. Mr. and Ms. Lee told her James seemed to be doing well and at that point they voiced no concerns with his
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