John Gillingham's View Of Kingship

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The two authors previously mentioned often refer to this book, which they consider as the reference on Richard's reign. John Gillingham argues that Richard's short reign is a good example of kingship operating at full power. Indeed, according to the author, Richard lived up to his contemporaries ideals of kingship, but also to more modern criteria as the management of a territory as huge as the Angevin empire and the ability to maintain a good public image. The author also tries to defend Richard's military abilities, which have been wrongly underestimated according to him. I do not completely agree with his view and sometime find his view quite biased. For instance, Gillingham admits that “an important part of kingship was the ruler's management…show more content…
Once again, the author is clearly in favor of Richard, who he describes as a highly competent ruler, effective in administrative, diplomatic, political and military's business. I still partly disagree with him, especially on the diplomatic, since he refused to marry King Philip's sister, Alice, and thus provoked an inevitable conflict with the French king. This books is, nonetheless, very valuable for my…show more content…
Yvan Lepage suggests that he might have been the nickname of Jehan Ier, lord of Blondel from 1180 to his death between 1197 and 1200. What really matters is that a tale was written about this Blondel de Nesles and Richard's friendship, the Conte de Blondel. It takes place, once again, during Richard's captivity and relates how his friend Blondel tries to rescue him by searching for him in Austria and then inform the barons and friends of the king about his location. There is almost no evidence about this friendship, but this tale takes part in building Richard's legend. Richard is indeed portrayed as an accomplished knight, a prestigious Crusader and also a generous protector of arts and
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