John Glenn: Third American To Go In Space

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John Glenn born July 18, 1921. Died December 8, 2016. John Glenn had one wife who is Annie Glenn. John and Annie had two kids Carolyn Ann Glenn and John David Glenn. John Glenn was the first american to circle around the Earth Glenn was the third American to go in space. He received the NASA Distinguished Service Medal and the Congressional Space Medal of Honor in 1978, Glenn was put in the hall of Fame in roughly 1990 Glenn was the last surviving crew member of Mercury wow!
Glenn resigned from NASA in January 1964. Glenn was going the run for Senate Seat but an injury in 1964 made him to not run for Senate Seat. He retired from the Marine Corps the following year. Glenn lost a primary election very close though. Glenn was a Democrat and finally won the election in 1974. Glenn ended up serving 24 years before resigning.
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He received a medal of freedom from the President. In John Glenn’s early life he was a plumber. When John Glenn was a kid his parents were just married when his dad went to fight in WWI. When Glenn was just born him and his family moved to New Concord, Ohio. After they moved to New Concord his dad started the Glenn Plumbing Company. He was really little when he met his future wife Annie Castor. Glenn flew in an airplane for his first time at eight years old. Glenn got interested in flight and he ended up to start building model airplanes. Glenn went to New Concord High
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