John Godrej's ' Myth 10 : Growth Is A Viable Option For The Modern Day.

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Opinion 10: A Steady-State Economy is a Viable Option for the Modern Day Unsolved problems lead to radical propositions. Dinyar Godrej’s article “Myth 10: Growth is the Only Way” is an example of one such radical idea stemming from the unsolved issues of economy and climate. Godrej’s article uses ethos, pathos, and logos in order to appeal to his target audience and discuss larger issues such as climate change and sustainability. Godrej’s “Myth 10: Growth is the Only Way” is the tenth installment of a series of articles addressing common “myths” about economics. As the title suggests, Myth 10 evaluates a common belief system stating continued economic growth is the only logical path for the future. Godrej refutes this idea, pointing out flaws in the economic growth mindset such as proliferation of hunger and poverty due to disproportional growth for the wealthiest individuals. Instead, Godrej claims, the best path for the future is to maintain a “steady-state” economy focused on stability and sustainability. This article is published by the New Internationalist Magazine, a radical left-wing publication with roots in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States of America. Having a general idea of his audience, Godrej was able to gear his writing to a demographic that is most likely moderately-educated or well-educated and already has some radical leftist views. His simple writing and use of basic statistical facts are easy enough for less-educated people to

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