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Maggie Becerra Mrs. Pace English 11B: Period 5 30 April 2012 Within The Depths of Nerdfighteria There are numerous authors in the world that live to serve some impact. Specifically upon readers of course, where all of their work can be praised eternally. Words among other words get jumbled together and allow imagination to be used freely within the contents of the novels. Now since there are many writers that can be noticed for their lasting contributions, there is one novelist that can stand out against many. Not only is he an author but he spends his time making an effort in what can be done to focus on the greater good in the world such as contributing to donations around the world to help others. His novels all convey an…show more content…
(Bloomsbury). Throughout the time of his novels gaining fame, his fame throughout the internet has begun spreading rapidly. At this rate his channel that he currently shares with his brother, aka Vlogbrothers has received over 20,573,626 views. This continues to grow more and more everyday due to a community that the Green brothers have associated as Nerdfighters. Vlogbrothers also currently have over 607,000 subscribers while being in charge of a gigantic YouTube event known as VidCon that is an event held over summer. Green is an extreme professional in relation to multi-tasking and is constantly involved in numerous projects. He runs a blog, known as, along with a website for DFTBA records, an enthralling YouTube that is specifically used for his teachings of World History, while lastly being a full time father to his son Hank at home. Not only has he written his own novels but he has co-written a few as well. For example, Will Grayson, Will Grayson along with Let It Snow are two novels that are partially written by him. Everything is still revolved around the lives of Young Adults which is a certain theme that went on sale January 10th. This novel is such an extreme success, due to the fact that it has remained number one on New York Times Bestseller list for a few consecutive weeks. The popularity for the preorder is what even
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