John Green's Looking for Alaska

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Losing something can be one of the most discouraging things ever. It can disorient and change the whole perspective of a day. In John Green’s award winning young adult novel, “Looking for Alaska” the main character Chip “the Colonel” Martin meets his new roommate, Miles “Pudge” Halter. The Colonel is the best friend of the enticing Alaska Young, who he knows very well and cares much about. As the three friends enjoy their time together the worst thing that could happen, comes upon them, death. This leads to the break down of the Colonel. Alaska was his best friend, so her death reminds Chip that he never truly realized what he had lost until it was gone. The Colonel shows that he is not just the buff, presumptuous guy, but also a loyal, strong and sensitive person. He shows the strength he has to hold up his family and friends, and shines a brighter and better path than his desk lamp. When people think of poverty, it automatically draws them to Africa or any other third-world countries; however, many do not realize there is poverty surrounding us. Chip grows up unprivileged and is not surrounded with all the benefits other kids would have had. Though, many people see the poverty-stricken as weak human beings, they are one of the strongest. Chip is a strong person; he knows he has very little. As Thanksgiving approaches, Chip’s mom invites him and his friends over for dinner. Little did they know they would be eating in a trailer, “The Colonel’s mom lived in a trailer, as
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