John Hattie 's Synthesis Of Approximately 800 Meta Analysis Studies

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John Hattie’s synthesis of approximately 800 meta-analysis studies involving over 52,000 studies of educational achievement led to the development of six signposts of excellence in education. Hattie determined that of these “the most powerful determinants of educational achievement all involved teacher-student interaction” (Drew, 2011, pp. 85-86). Furthermore, Hattie noted that “it is less the content of curricula that is important than the strategies teachers use to implement the curriculum so that students progress upwards through the curricula content” (2009, p. 159). The aspects of my current practice that support quality STEM education correlate to the strategies employed to implement the curriculum. Fundamental towards this approach remains the establishment of a learning community that values mistakes as learning opportunities, where students “can feel safe to learn, relearn, and explore knowledge and understanding” (Hattie, 2009, p. 240). Establishment of such a community requires front loading from the beginning of the school year and daily maintenance throughout the academic year. The foundation for community is laid during the morning meeting. This student led meeting consists of a greeting, sharing, group activity, and a morning message and is in keeping with the Responsive Classroom approach. “The Responsive Classroom approach consists of a set of practices that build academic and social-emotional competencies and that can be used along with many other

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