John Hawthorne 's The House Of Seven Gables

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Born July 4, 1804, in Salem, Mass. Reclusive at times, wrote twice-told tales, the house of seven gables, the scarlet letter and more. Married Sophia Peabody and fathered Una. Died in 1864. Buried in Concord, Massachusetts. Great-great-great-great grandfather, John Hawthorne, was judge at Salem witch trials The novel is set in the mid-1600s in Boston, Massachusetts. It encompasses a period of seven years and the plot involves lover-husband-wife, the theme of this book is developed in the context of evil vs good.  Puritan beliefs: – An emphasis on private study of the Bible – A desire to see education and enlightenment for the masses so they could read the Bible for them– Simplicity in worship, the exclusion of vestments, images, candles, etc. – Did not celebrate traditional holidays which they believed to be in violation of the regulative principle of worship. – Believed the Sabbath was still obligatory for Christians, although they believed the Sabbath had been changed to Sunday – Some approved of the church’s involvement with the courts. which did not include some of the traditional practices of the Church of England? Although the Church did not officially control the State in Puritan settlements, religion and government were closely intertwined. The ministers counseled the magistrates in all affairs concerning the settlement and its citizens. The Puritans had strict rules against the theater, religious music, sensuous poetry, and frivolous dress.

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