John Henry As A Protagonist Of The Story

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A. John Henry I would classify as a Protagonist of the story. He is also a static character becasue he doesn't really change over the course he story. He is just a man who is really strong and handy with a hammer.

B. John Henry is a railroad worker who lays the tracks. He has always had a hammer becasue it says in the story that "When John Henry was a little baby, Sittin' on his daddy's knee, He picked up a hammer, a little piece of steel, Said hammer be the death of me, Lord, Lord" Which is him saying (to me) that he is going to hammer and work with a hammer until he is dead. Which he eventualy does die at the end of the story becasue of his contest with the steam drill.

C. The conflict of this story is that a steam drill had been invented.
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