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John Irving’s The Cider House Rules Contemporary society advocates that without love, happiness is impossible. Webester’s Dictionary defines happiness as, “ a state of well being or contentment.” Three types of love which are necessary for contentment are; familial love, romantic love and friendship. In John Irving’s, The Cider House Rules, Melony’s bitterness prevents her from developing these forms of love vital for true happiness. Her hostility towards others prevents her from developing familial love. Intense animosity and contempt ruin Melony’s romantic relationships. Her bitterness leads to social isolation and the development of true friendships become impossible. An individual’s relationship with his/her family…show more content…
Like Mrs.Grogan many of the foster parents extend affectionate and loving gestures towards Melony but are denied an appropriate response. Melony,“had several unfortunate experiences in foster homes . . . Melony had run away from the second and third foster families, alleging that the men in the families, either fathers or brothers, had taken a sexual interest in her . . . In case number six: the husband had died of a heart attack shortly after Melony’s arrival, and the wife had sent the girl back to St.Clouds,”. Melony responds to the foster families efforts with viscous abuse. The attitude and hatred she continually exhibits prevents her from experiencing familial love with the foster families but ruins the family relationships she is introduced into as well. Melony’s bitterness and consequent lack of familial love will hinder her development of future relationships, ultimately ruin her chances of true happiness. The relationships within a person’s family influence the romantic experiences throughout his/her lifetime. Romance further satisfies an individual’s need for love and belonging. Melony’s ongoing bitterness towards others ruins her romantic relationships. She experiences few romantic encounters throughout her lifetime, achieving a substandard level of satisfaction. Melony’s first significant romantic relationship is with Homer Wells, and orphan at St.Clouds. Rather

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