John Jackson D-Day Essay

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A long time ago in 1942 when the nations of the world have once again for the second time engaged in a world war. Men were once again sent to war and had to leave their families to fight a war for whatever country or nation they came from. Some men were paratroopers that were flown in by plane. However, some men did not always have safe travels to their destinations and were often separated from their squad if they even managed to fall safely to the ground and survive the barrage of gunfire from the enemies below. There were some American paratroopers that ran into these problems when they were dropped into D-day. One of them was named John Jackson. John Jackson was on one of the first planes heading to the beaches where one of the greatest…show more content…
John had 3 kids with her that he had watched by his parents while he went off to war. His main objective now is to not end up like his other squad mates and die at the hands of the germans. The desire became stronger as he stared at the bodies of his dead squad mates. The blood flowing out like a river. The cold dead look on their faces. The men find an abandoned house to try and radio call for help. As they were trying to make the call they heard men speaking in german again. The voices were near by. John went to look out the window and counted ten men armed with rifles and submachine guns. The three men froze upon seeing the sight of the angry germans. John’s mind turned blank and he was unable to think of a plan to get the three of them out of this if they were discovered by the germans. But just then an M2 Sherman tank came mowing down any trees that came in its path and shot down the germans with machine gun fire. Tears of joy stream down John’s face at the sight of seeing a friendly tank with a bright yellow sun behind it. The nightmare was over and the darkness from the night has fallen. The three men have survived and are fortunate enough to return home to their families. John will get to see his kids once again in a happy and safe
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