”John Jin” Essay

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”John Jin” by Rose Tremain Essay People always intend to avoid thinking about mortality. Immortality is impossible. We know that. But we always dream about that there is a tiny possibility that something will last forever. It could be a relationship, or a family. The truth is that everything has an end. The things that we care about have to end at some point. Something we know but always seem to come as a surprise. This is true in the case of Susan in the short story “John Jin”. In the short story we get to see the true meaning of the principle that everything has to come to an end some point. The pier pavilion represents mortality and the family. The mortality part of the story is when Susan talks about how se used to love…show more content…
“I imagined John-Jin’s girder underneath me. I wondered, in my rage, if you took that one piece away, would everything fall?” This quote shows that the pier is a symbol of the family. When Susan visits the pier pavilion after she finds about the disease. She doesn’t connect the pier pavilion with happiness and her childhood as she use to. She is preparing herself for the future. She knows what is about to happen. The theme mortality gets constantly reminded in the short story. Everything has an end. Susan’s childhood memories were gone with the storm first. The new family with John-Jin didn’t last. Nothing is immortal. She sense that and that’s why she begins to look into the future knowing that nothing last. John-Jin dead is just another example of nothing is immortal. She compares the pier pavilion with human brain. So when the pier pavilion gets changed you can compare it with a human brain that goes trough changes as well. It could be love for a new person that in this case is Susan loving John-Jin. The love will properly end, as the pier pavilion will change as well after John-Jin’s
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