John K Polk And Western Expansion

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John K Polk and Western Expansion Under James Knox Polk, the United States grew by more than a million square miles, adding territory that now composes the states of Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, much of New Mexico, and portions of Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. Much of the United States is owed to the expansion planned by Former President John K Polk. His actions would lead to the annexation of Texas and purchase of California and New Mexico from Mexico. In the mid 1840’s John L. O’Sullivan editor of the United States magazine and democratic Review used the phrase “Manifest Destiny”. To him these words seemed to be an appropriate label for the spirit of expansionism that boosted from the presidency of John K Polk and his extension of pre-civil war united states. The current president has not had to deal with this large of land acquisition in fact he’s done almost the exact opposite of this. He hasn’t even taken any land from any other country. He has given land back to many other foreign governments. In the case of giving back Guantanamo Bay to the Cuban government, which is coincidentally also a Spanish speaking country. Another comparison that could be made is the war in Iraq. Just like the Iraq war we went in to stop Saddam Husain and in this war we went in to get land from the Mexican government. No modern achievements by other presidents really compare to just how huge and important his actions were in the creation of the United

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