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John L. Gokongwei Jr.

Who is he?

“Call it trite--but, believe me, success can be achieved, through hard work, frugality, integrity, responsiveness to change--and most of all, boldness to dream. These have never been just easy slogans for me. I have lived by them” Gokongwei Jr., John L., Commencement Address (AdMU), 27 March 2004.

Ranked by Forbes Asia as the third richest entrepreneur of the Philippines in the year 2010, John L. Gokongwei Jr., is a Chinese-Filipino business man who was born on August 11, 1926 had spent his childhood in Cebu, Philippines. He earned an MBA Degree from De La Salle University and attended the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program. He was included in the list of Heroes of
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Gokongwei’s success as a business tycoon all started during his teenage years when his father died of typhoid complications. Unfortunately, his father’s businesses were built on credit as a result their house, cars, and businesses were all gone to the bank and they were left with nothing. His siblings were sent to China where the living standards were lower. Being the eldest and at the age of 13, the responsibility of taking care of his family was on his shoulders. He and his mother sold jewelry and roasted peanuts and sent money regularly to China. But that was not enough to satisfy their daily needs, Gokongwei courageously opened a small stall in a market where his competitors were much older than him. He sold soaps, candles and thread. At a young age, he possessed the ability to think like that of a business man, the logic reason why Gokongwei sold those kind products because they were essentially the basic necessities of the people in the villages.

How it happened?

The success of Gokongwei can be traced through his experiences. What he had achieved now is because of his past. He loves what he does. He believes that if you want to be successful, you must be bold enough to overcome trials; you should work hard and keep on dreaming because at the end your efforts will bear fruits.

"Love what you do. Entrepreneurship is ultimately about passion. It is not about fame or fortune, so the most important thing is that you have to love

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