John L Holland Developed A Test

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John L Holland Developed a test, producing three letter codes to describe types. Holland believed there were six basic traits that combined to make a person’s personality. The six traits are Conventional, Enterprising, Social, Realistic, Investigative, and Artistic. Three letter codes, derived form the first letter of each of the three highest related traits, are shown after the test is taken (Rayman, 2008). My personality type from this test was ACS, Artistic, Conventional, and Social (Rounds). Artistic was my highest score, and I think this is accurate. Currently I have an artistic social career goal in a collaborative art form. I think this will be a good fit based on this test. I can see evidence of my conventionality being fiscally conservative. Some careers that may be a good match are a teacher, program director, or social worker. These careers are exactly what I was thinking, but they would be a more practical application for someone with a high artistic trait.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Designed in the 1940s by American author Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Katharine Cook Briggs, this objective test attempts to determine a person’s personality type. It can commonly be applied to career one has chosen of will choose. There seems to be reasonable correlation between the indicator results, shown by a four-letter combination, and the career types people of that type choose. Due to it’s wide use in career counseling and business, the Consulting Psychologists…
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