John Lennon's Primal Scream

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The world’s evils, including terrorism and the overthrowing of power, are all caused through fear. John Lennon knew this, and he taciturnly showing his ambition towards true peace. Born in Liverpool in October 9th 1940, he quickly became lauded by the world through his works as one of the 4 members of The Beatles. After the band’s fallout, however, John took a path that differed from the other members, Paul, George, and Ringo (Richard). After the famous breakup of a band that would be remembered for decades to come, he went on a path with his wife and muse Yoko Ono where they delved into their beliefs. In 1971 John released “Imagine”, which can be said to have been the greatest song by a Beatles member yet, with its simplicity and its subtle…show more content…
After reading a book named “Primal Scream”, which described the process of primal therapy, John immediately called the author, Arthur Janov, to begin treatment. Arthur originally refused to work with him, due to his two preteen children fully enveloped into “Beatlemania”. Eventually, he relented and moved to England to begin therapy with John. Primal Scream involves a process where the therapist strips away your psychological defences and gets you to release all of the pain that you tucked away into a little corner, and let it all out. Most of the time, the treatment makes you feel like you are reliving the pain, though you don’t feel the superfluous aftereffects, and you feel refreshed afterwards. During most of his sessions with Arthur, he spent most of the time crying while bursting out his feelings, as if he had experienced the traumatic event once…show more content…
John believes that this type of therapy makes you pour out the emotions that you locked away from a traumatic event and it makes you relive your pain, but you can get over it. To John, it helped him deal with the chunk of life that was repressed to help him feel more free and relaxed about what happened to him at childhood. The therapy had cleared his mind of the past and cleared his mind to make way for the future. Before his untimely death, he continued to thank Arthur for helping him through his past to make way for the future. While John didn’t publish any albums during the therapy, some conversations were then made into songs, like “God”, where John embellishes his belief toward his aversion to God by stating that “God is a concept by which we measure our pain.” In short, throughout the therapy, John Lennon could finally live without constant internal pain that he had lived with for the majority of his
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