John Lewis : A Chain Of Upmarket Store Operating Throughout United Kingdom

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John Lewis is a chain of upmarket store operating throughout United Kingdom and owned by John Lewis Partnership. John Lewis is the largest retailer in the UK and started trading in 1864 on London1s Oxford Street and a growing online business (John Lewis, 2016). The John Lewis Partnership is unique: it’s the UK’s largest example of co-ownership and its activities are governed by a principles-based Constitution (John , 2016). John Lewis Partnership owns the leading retail business of Waitrose and John Lewis, as well as John Lewis Broadband (provided by Plusnet plc) and John Lewis Insurance services (John , 2016). . The competitiveness of John Lewis is influenced by the changes in different external environmental factors, which includes Politics, Economic, Social, Technology, Environment and Legal. Task 1 The competitiveness is influenced by the changes of Technology. Technology is/and still playing a vital role in any business. The growth of online selling in the UK and the world has led to large increase in its online sales. The raising numbers of people, who own computers, smartphones and tablets; and having access to internet which has a high positive impact for their online sales. As there is an increase in demand of new technology, developments of new tablets, computers are rising in popularity and John Lewis sells a wide range of these. For John Lewis to keep up with the demands of their customers they had to move in-line with the recent development of new

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