John Lewis: A True Hero

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Ezequiel Contreras
Professor Trager
Humanities 108
October 1, 2016 A True Hero Most comic books involve a hero who saves the day even the world. In March Book two, the main characters not only changed the world but they made history and something that will never be forgotten. In March Book Two by John Lewis, you basically go through what he went through when he was fighting for his rights. You will see all the pain he and the freedom riders went through, but you will also see the way he changed the United States of America. This book takes us through Lewis’ s time as a freedom rider, up to the march of Washington, and ends with the bombing of a church that had four young girls
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Not only does this book have a greater impact but you get a greater understanding with what is going on. Usually, when reading a regular book with no pictures it is hard to connect to what is happening in the story, sometimes it is hard to understand what is happening. With a book like this that has many pictures along with text is puts you in the experience, emotionally, and visually. Another good thing about this book is that it is appealing to many ages and groups of people. Another thing that was amazingly shown in this book was all the racism these people had to take. This book had almost as much impact as Selma. One of the people read this comic book to was my little brother. Since he doesn’t know much about what happened in the Civil Rights Movement he wasn’t impacted as much as I was. One thing that really did help though was the pictures. Because of the pictures he was able to understand those black people were not treated correctly in these times. Another thing he liked a lot was that the story has a lot of tension in it. In conclusion, this book does its best to bring you into the era of the civil rights movement. Not only did John Lewis along with other supporters change their rights to have equality, they also changed what was America would be
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