John Lewis And The Civil Rights

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Have you ever wanted to learn information about the Civil Rights but format of the information is dull. It seems to be that way with many subjects. However, March is unlike most other historical documents. It is about Congressman John Lewis of Georgia and how he became involved in the Civil Rights. The difference with this book is the medium chosen for the work of art. Lewis, also the author, chose to present this information as a graphic novel. He got his inspiration and idea for this from a comic he read in the 1950s. This answers as to whom the book was actually written for since what adult reads graphic novels. This novel is intended for the younger generation and to help them grasp a better idea of what really happened during the Civil Rights time period. Lewis uses childhood stories and young adult incidents to show how he was influenced into the man he is today. The novel reaches out to younger generations by creating a medium that relates to youth, involving memories relative to the audiences age, and adding in an expository view to the novel. Graphic novels have become a large seller in the book category lately. Between 2002 and 2006, comic book sales quintupled from seventy-five-million dollars to three-hundred thirty-million dollars. This is a key clue as to why Lewis chose a graphic novel as his medium. He wanted to help the younger generation understand where racial equality was founded from and the hard work and determination it took to fight for
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