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John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Dowell use very little words to convey their point in March: Book Three. It seems as if he showed the minimum of what occurred but it was very clear and heart breaking as to what had actually occurred. The mood of the story is portrayed through darker colors and a small amount of text is used to emphasize the repression and the oppression that people of color felt. The dark colors were used to emphasize the dark lives that people of color lead during these times and the hardships that they had to go through on an everyday basis. Almost nothing in these people 's lives shed any light on their day it was always the same oppressing routine causing them to see nothing but darkness ahead of them. The author…show more content…
This showed the beginning of the attack and the acts of hate against colored people. This also showed how limited and short the lives of colored people could be during these times because white supremacy would not allow them to thrive making their lives miserable and filled with living in the shadows. This was not the only event that had occurred that day. Soon another tragedy struck the colored community. Virgil was on his way to the Birmingham Church when a he got a call calling him there as the novel states, “You need to get to Birmingham right away”(Lewis et al. 11; 5). On his way there Virgil was shot and killed by a young white man who was participating in a Klan Rally nearby. Virgil was 13 years old when he was murdered by two white teenagers that were active members of the Eagle Scouts and participants in a Klan rally. This shows that even white teenagers were taught to have a strong hate towards people of color. Not only is it a strong hate it has gotten to the paint that they are murdering people of color on sight without regard of who they are and what they are doing. Not long after this tragedy with Virgil, another Black teenager by the name of Johnny Robinson was shot and killed by a police officer

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