John Lewis As The Finance Department

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The finance department is actually responsible for the currency of what the business gets, they mostly manage the finance and accounts for example they handle how much each department gets by requesting it to the finance department from one of the other departments. The accounts usually deal with the purchase of invoices and sales invoices, debtors, monitors, VAT returns and creditors. They even handle national insurance, payroll, and pensions. This department would use Quantitative information because they would deal with price for the products which would have to be gained with accurate information. This relates with John Lewis as the finance department is important because when they use primary research this will show how many each products make and then they will make use of that money to buy more of the particular product, by this it will help John Lewis have larger profit and benefit their business. Human resources is important in a business because this affects the employees when running a business. They need to ensure that the employees who work for the business have been working with hardware and software, knowing the company policy and understanding it, also ensuring they have been on a training course and also that they are in health and safety environment so that no one gets hurt or the equipment is safe. They must be in process of hiring suitable candidates for the organisation and be aware of present workplace legislation. Human Resources in John Lewis
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