John Lewis 's Writing Shines New Light On What Happiness

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Many of Lewis’s writing shines new light on what happiness really means to the human spirit. In “We Have No ‘Right to Happiness’”, C.S. Lewis challenges the superficial view of happiness that we can do whatever it takes to be happy, regardless of others. Lewis observes how we reach happiness in relationships, pointing out that too many people only want happiness for themselves, which in turn deprives others of the same joy. He bases his augment on society’s view points, using his neighbor as a relatable example. Lewis provides educated insight to what some people are willing to do for happiness simply because they believe society allows it without consequence. Lewis shares a conversation he had with his neighbor, Clare. She believes, above all, people are entitled to gain happiness. This seems to negate all other actions such as divorce, as their discussion points out. Lewis supports this idea writing, “I don’t think it is obvious that people have the “right to happiness which [Clare] states” (96). Being so lenient when it comes to happiness only reaps discouragement as this quest can defile the Law of Nature (96).This theme, to think about what our actions effect, is seen in Lewis’ other writing. In “C.S. Lewis: Overview”, David Langford recounts all of C.S. Lewis’ literary writings. Many of Lewis’ books deal with the human spirit and how we deal with certain situations when they are posed to us. Throughout Lewis’ writings, he challenges the reader to think critically

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