John Locke, Adam Smith, And Edmund Burke

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Jessica Morales
February 4, 2016
Section 22

John Locke, Adam Smith, and Edmund Burke have several values that are illustrated by today’s society. One of these values would be conservatism. It is true that we have changed today’s society, however; have we quickly changed these values or have we slowly taken our time to introduce them? Property is another value that illustrates today’s society. We need a state in order to own property. There is no other form of regulation that will tell us who has the rights to certain properties. Lastly, and most importantly, freedom is a value that has been illustrated in the United States in several different ways. Street light tickets are an example of theses certain values and what comes with them. Conservatism is a term that means no change; you conserve what you have. Edmund Burke would agree that street light tickets are not suitable. This change disrupts the economy and causes further problems with society.
In today’s society, people are starting to get tickets for crossing a red light. A camera, at the intersection of streets, produces these tickets. Though there have been cameras for a while, they are starting to enforce them more each and every day. My beliefs are those similar to Burke’s. This is not okay because it is an invasion of privacy. Burke believes that radical change is immoral. You cannot simply change something without facing any consequences. Why would I pay taxes, which pay for cameras,…
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