John Locke And David Hume

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Jeremy Bentham was an English philosopher in 18th century London, England. Influenced by the works of John Locke and David Hume, he brought up a philosophical theory that derives from an empirical viewpoint, which means theorizes that all knowledge are obtained through our sense experience. Bentham was considered as the founder of utilitarianism which he defines as, “the ethical doctrine that virtue is based upon utility and that behavior should have as its goal the procurement of the greatest happiness for the greatest number of persons. “. In other words, Bentham believes that all our actions should be decided by comparing how much utility, or pleasure, it could be derived for society as a whole. For example, the utility result of you pulling an all-nighter to complete your philosophy paper would be the pleasure of getting a significantly good grade compared to the pain of having little sleep for one night. In order to compare the utility of your action, they must first be measured by the items below:  Intensity : We must take account of the intensity of the pleasure  Duration : How long the pleasure will last  Certainty : How likely it is that you will receive the pleasure  Proximity : How close the pleasure will be to the performance of the action  Fecundity : The chances of having more pleasure in the future  Purity : The chances of having pain mixed in  Extent: The number of people affected by the action, and overall pleasure and pain. Bentham believes the
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