John Locke And James Harrington

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The United States of America is known for being a complete cultural melting pot. With these cultures comes the application of a wide-range of philosophies. Political Philosophers such as John Locke and James Harrington along with the seekers of religious freedom the Pilgrims set a standard for government’s role in American’s lives. This standard is then transformed into what James Madison referred to as “factions” or as contemporary Americans would refer to as Political parties. All of these variables thus factor into how American’s view law and order represented in Supreme Court cases such as Marbury vs. Madison along with McCulloch vs. Maryland. United States political institutional development is constantly evolving before, during and after the ratification of the United States Constitution due to an influx of different cultures ideals and opinions. The foundation of Political thought in America commences with the works of John Locke and James Harrington. Locke creates a baseline for the American Revolution to follow. He cites major elements within his thought such as Natural right, Social contract, government by consent and the right of constituents to revolt against their government. Locke saw how the right of revolution was imperative to ensure the protection of property. Locke attempts to answer the age of political questions of how government and governed should interact. Due to this, he supply’s the Americans colonist with an array of arguments to logistically…

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