John Locke And Thomas Hobbes Compare And Contrast

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Locke vs. Hobbes Compare and Contrast Essay
During and after the English Revolution (1642-1688), different philosophers acted differently towards the revolution , based on their ideas and personal experiences. John Locke and Thomas Hobbes stood out to be the most intelligent thinkers who argued in opposite ways. On the contrary they were similar in their approach for the use of reason. They both represented a trend in the 17th and 18th centuries to use reason as a final judgement. By analyzing Locke and Hobbes, comparing their similarities, and contrasting their differences one can understand how these two men operated and made sense of situations during this time period.

John Locke was an English philosopher and physician. He
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This is an idea that we have today. If a country or an organization threatens the United States in a serious manner there is a decent chance that there will be war. Their views on human rights are similar as well. Locke and Hobbes believe that people must give up some of their rights in order to gain protection and the security of basic rights. Presidents all have asserted that their first job is to keep us safe, and in doing so they are somehow able to control our liberties. Whether it is the speech they fear, the privacy they invade or the wealth and private property they covet. Locke and Hobbes both believe this to be true as one does think the government is more cruel than the other.

There are several vast differences between Locke and Hobbes. One being the form of government they believe in. Locke believes in a Democracy where the people decide the leader they would like to govern them. This form of government is the most popular in today’s society. On the other hand Hobbes trusts in an Absolute Monarch, but the last time it was used was in Russia in 1917.
Locke trusted that all people were born with inalienable rights which became known as the Lockean Principle. The Lockean Principle is that every single human being has the rights of life, liberty and the right to own property. They also dispute conflict differently Locke believes that peace is normal and should always be normal. “We can and should live together in peace by
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