John Locke Over Thomas Hobbes

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John Locke over Thomas Hobbes John Locke to me will forever be the MORE correct philosopher out of these two. First and foremost because the government I grew up in and was taught to believe in whole-heartedly is based more on Sir John Locke’s ideas and theories than it is on Thomas Hobbes’s. I say that now to get it out of the way so I can move on to more intelligible and thought provoking facts and opinions behind this personal belief. To translate the messy, spider webbed, hectic thought that’s in my head in the simplest way possible, I believe it’s hard to make either type of government work. It’s just especially hard to make an absolute monarch/”one man show” work. A monarch is basically a gamble because you have no say in who’s the leader. You just have to hope that the past leader was a half-ass decent parent who raised a child to have a good head on his/her shoulders and won’t drive the entire country into the ground. Now the beliefs and theories that John Locke had listed in his book The Two Treatises of Government state that since a government is something created by people to protect people’s rights and liberties that the people should have a say in who’s running the whole show and at least a little say in what the government does. Now, all of that is just the very basic idea of these two philosophies so of course there’s more to cover. As I said, Thomas Hobbes was a firm believer in what I’m going to call (for lack of a better term) a “one man show.” Basically,
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