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John Locke was an English philosopher who was one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers. Locke starts with the questioning of Descartes's philosophy of Cogito Ergo Sum. Locke had empiricist beliefs, which discount the concept of innate ideas and promote the role of sensory perception and experiences in humans. Locke drew inspiration from Ockham's Razor to explain knowledge stating that everyone begins with a tabula rasa meaning a blank slate. The blank slate argument says thoughts are formed on the experience. Simple ideas, such as colors and shapes, are collected passively meaning they cannot be broken down further. While more complex ideas, such as the relationship between cause and effect and individual identities, are…show more content…
When in the matrix Neo can fly and bend spoons making the matrix secondary qualities because it is changeable from the persons point of view. Primary qualities are exemplified in The Matrix as “the real reality” when Neo is unplugged from the Matrix because its Irish Bioship of the Anglican Church, George Berkeley dismisses Locke’s philosophy of that things in nature have primary and secondary qualities; the idea that sense perceptions are caused by material substance, he denied and finds logical conclusions to Locke’s arguments. He completely disregards Locke’s primary qualities: solidity, extension, figure, motion, and number and placed them in the same category as secondary qualities. Thus, everything we perceive is subjective in our minds; this view is called nominalism. Berkeley’s main point in his argument is Esse est Percipi (To be is to be perceived) this means for example the qualities that make the color blue, blue exist only if its being perceived by someone with equipped with sense organs; this argument known as subjective idealism; it means that only ideas and conscious minds have actual existence. Therefore, things that are not being perceived do not exist but he says that God perceives all things so that they don’t go out of existence when the perceiving thing isn’t there. In the The Matrix, Cypher goal is to be back in the Matrix because he feels the being in the real reality is an unnecessary. When Cypher was

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