John Locke 's Theory Of Government

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This essay will discuss and show how Thomas Jefferson’s theory of revolution follows the speculation of government from the philosopher John Locke. We’ll additionally discuss Thomas Hobbes’s theory of government. Both John Locke and Jefferson’s theories contributed to the American Revolution and to the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson’s theory of revolution found within the Declaration of Independence follows John Locke’s theory of government in multiple aspects, as well as in both the description of freedom of opportunity. Thomas Jefferson speaks regarding the explanations for the first American colonies ' separation from England in his theory of revolution, we are able to see how similar it is to John Locke’s theory of government, with the precise issue of the law of nature and man’s reasons to separate. Treatise of government written by John Locke, discusses the law of nature being observed and the way all people are equal in terms of being born having natural rights. Both John Locke and Thomas Jefferson wrote throughout their times of revolution and were the voice of individuals who wished to have freedom, however were unsure on the way to attain or what they might do if freedom was achieved. The societies that they lived with having an oppressive government that was being met with resistance from several of the people who were now not afraid to challenge the authority of their time. Despite the fact that the writing of Jefferson and John Locke were in
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