John Locke's Political Philosophy

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John Locke is one of the most influential political philosophers of the modern era. He is a strong-minded empiricist whom expresses radical views about law and order. Locke is a fascinating figure in the history of law and order whose excellence of elucidation and depth of intellectual activity remains extremely influential. His mature political philosophy leant support to the British Whig party and its principles, to the Age of Enlightenment, and to the development of the separation of the State and Church in the American Constitution as well as to the rise of human rights theories in the Twentieth Century. John Locke’s political philosophy influenced law and order through his ideas of the natural foundation of reason, moral role of government and the right to private property.
In his political philosophy John Locke proposes that natural law can be discovered by reason alone and applies to all people. Locke insists that God gave us our ability to reason to help us in the search for truth. He believes that since we are Gods’ creations, we know that we must protect ourselves. To aid us, God created in us a natural disinclination to misery and a desire for happiness, so we avoid things that cause us pain and seek out pleasure instead. We can reason that since we are all equally God’s children, God must want happiness for all. If one person makes another unhappy, they have therefore rejected God’s will. Consequently, each person has the obligation to preserve other people as

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