John Locke's Views: A Good Form Of Government

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In my views I believe that Matt aka John Locke had the best views compared to my actual views. When we conversed we talked about how that the building of the Versailles was an outrageous expensive and that taking of the peoples money to build such a tremendous structure, then taxing the people more money after building it was dumb and not need because to much money was spent on this palace. Yes it is a very nice palace but it was unneeded. In the following topic discussed among us was that of god given right. He believe that a King saying he has divine right to rule and that he sits on gods thrown is not okay. John believed that kings don’t have god given right. That assuming you are equal god is invalid and ridiculousness. I believe as me a student that a king is only granted the thrown if is a…show more content…
I believe that “divine right” isn’t and should have never been incorporated into the government of the 16th century. A monarchy was a good form of government for a while but in today’s society a monarchy, or absolutism isn’t something that would work or something that should be allowed in this day and age. Also the building of the Versailles wasn’t a smart investment. This is due to the fact that it was tons of money just for the king to have a palace. Sure this symbolized power but it the cost of the palace made the king impose taxes on the people and that ridiculousness considering taxes were already in place. In todays society the President of the United States couldn’t just build a palace then make taxes higher society just doesn’t work like that why I don’t think the building of the Versailles was smart. Finally I believe that a strong centralized government is nice and it improves the government but I think that you also need to outsource and tlk to the states and the people like how are government is today but like today our government in the U.S can be
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