John Malcolm Fraser Research Paper

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John Malcolm Fraser was an Australian politician who was the 22nd Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Liberal Party from 1975 to 1983. On the 16th of december, 1976, was the enactment of Aboriginal Land rights (Northern Territory) Act. This act secured the Aboriginal right to their ancestors land.This act is significant in that it was the first of the Aboriginal land rights acts, allowing for a claim of title if claimants can provide evidence of their traditional association with land. His motivation, contribution and involvement has still not to this day been forgotten by the Aboriginal people.

Malcolm Fraser did not believe that Aboriginals were being treated fairly and this showed in his contribution to the Aboriginal Land rights act. The Northern Land Council's chairman, Mr Samuel Bush-Blanasi, said Mr Fraser was a great friend of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory. "Mr Fraser
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This was watered down from the Whitlam proposals but remains a significant milestone in both the recognition of Aboriginal rights and their practical fulfilment. His government also established the Human Rights Commission whose work has continued to monitor and advocate for the human rights protections of all Australians, with a special role in relation to Indigenous people. His government also took some important measures in terms of the protection of the Australian environment. It was the Fraser government that prohibited exploration and drilling on the Great Barrier Reef. The Aboriginals would have looked very highly on him for this, as he is involved in saving their land. By providing legal title and a measure of control over some of our traditional lands, the Act has allowed us to determine the pace and extent of our involvement in the broader Australian society and
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