John Maxwell Once Said, “The Pessimist Complains About

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John Maxwell once said, “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” A leader is not a label a being is born with, or hopes one day to become; leadership is a skill that can be developed and fostered in anyone. It is found through developing individual qualities, each necessary to improve the skill of the leader for the betterment of the team. Everyone should strive to develop these qualities because leadership is what gives an individual the power to produce an effect or bring forth a lasting impact. Any action that requires group persistence can be completed more fruitfully through the proper implementation of leadership characteristics. The three leadership characteristics…show more content…
Genuine service is executing selfless acts with pure intent. I value this characteristic because of the the shift in focus from power to generosity it brings. A good leader takes every action with an attitude of selflessness. To be truly beneficial, they must approach the leadership opportunity as a way to help those around them. Servant leadership moves the leader from center stage to behind the curtain. The goal cannot be to be seen; it must be to help the group yield the best possible final product. This shift in focus enables a leader to complete tasks that may never be appreciated, but will greatly contribute to the success of the group. It pushes the entire group forward and allows members of a group to experience success and validation for their efforts. This, in turn, increases the group’s motivation and contentment. The best way to develop this characteristic is through continuous service for those around a leader. Even simple acts help reinforce the ideas of selflessness and kindness to those surrounding the leader. These simple acts help a leader to build a relationship with those they serve, and discover what the leader can do to better help individual team members. Diligence is arguably the most important characteristic of leadership. Cracking open a dusty Oxford Dictionary will reveal the definition as, “Careful and persistent work or effort.” Becoming a quality leader is as simple as pursuing diligence. It takes persistent

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