John Mcphee's Chapter Summary

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Annals of the Former World “Annals of the Former World” puts four of John McPhee’s books on the geology and geological history of North America together. They bring up the scientists who found the information that explains the history of North America. McPhee had joined some of them on expeditions, and described the work they did, as well as recorded the ideas they had. The common theme threw the series of books was that they all were about the formation of North America. The first book BASIN AND RANGE (1981) referred to the Great Basin (Nevada). The scientist who McPhee had tagged along with was Kenneth Deffeyes who is a professor at Princeton University and, summarizes plate tectonics theory. However the book also covers from Utah to eastern…show more content…
Together the two moved west via. Interstate 80, they had stopped at the following locations during the book, first was the Delaware Water Gap, also some Pennsylvania coal/oil towns, then moved along to Ohio, and finally Indiana. Harris expressed her criticism toward the people who had originally “founded” the theory of plate tectonics in the book, she felt that they took the “lazy man’s way out”. She felt that they had crossed a line buy not going out and collecting their own data, and then incidentally read some pale logic data wrong. So buy a happy accident they inadvertently proved plate tectonics. She does accept seafloor spreading and ocean movements, is a little bothersome when it is applied to inland areas. Which she expressed during “In Suspect Terrain”. The book RISING FROM THE PLAINS (1986) talks about how the Rocky Mountains had developed in Wyoming, McPhee was accompanied by David Love during this book. It was the first of the books “Annals of the Formal World” that talked about the effects of human beings, and how it complicates science. The book concentrates on how different parts of geology directly affects
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