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John Mill was an early advocate for women's rights and contested the biological perspectives put forward arguing where women were in positions of power such as royalty they displayed similar competences and capacity for rational thought as their male peers. What Mill’s example demonstrates is the role the social aspects played in positioning gender roles through habitus to which Pierre Bourdieu described as history turned into nature. These gendered roles and sexuality attitudes formed through cultural practices and discourses over time , Iris Marion Young and Marcel Mauss theorized that social ideas became embodied, for they these body practices were very much about social conditioning and not purely biological. Mauss observed that…show more content…
Feminists did not wholly reject the ideas of Darwinism rather suggesting they too could attain betterment so long as society did not stop them from doing so. Gendered roles have had an impact on men , the idea of a strong and silent type has meant many men suffering from problems have done so to keep up social pretense. Paternity rights and an acceptance that men can be stay at home fathers when need has arisen has also had to fight stigma. In this way the positioning of gender roles has been brought into the public arena, women are increasingly finding a voice in positions where they did not in the past, there has been a public push in mental health for men to open up about their problems, and fathers staying at home while the women has a career is becoming more accepted. For non-hetrosexual groups political rights have also improved within liberal democracies and public acts of affection are more tolerated, once homosexuality was in a biological sense viewed as being unnatural owing to the lack of an ability to reproduce, discourse also linked it to AIDS and
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