John Milton's Epic Poem about Satan, Paradise Lost

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John milton is one of the most influential men in english writing today because of his outstanding work. He was an outstanding poet, who wrote poems that were outside the box. A great example would be one of his most famous pieces Paridise lost, written in blank verse. In paridise lost Milton concerns the biblical story of the fall of man by using Adam and Eve as the prime example. As Paridise lost goes on you can definetly start to notice that he puts one specific character ahead of all others and thats Satan. I believe miltons hero is Satan because of the way he talks about Satan in the epic poem. When the epic poem is read it sounds as if Milton ecourges the behavior of Satan. I Believe Milton considers Satan to be the hero, or protagonist, of the story, because he struggles to overcome his own doubts and weaknesses and accomplishes his goal of corrupting humankind. Satan is a very complex character in the epic poem. I belive Milton considers Satan as his hero because he want Satan to seem heroic and appealing early in the poem to draw us into sympathizing with him against our will, so that we may see how seductive evil is and learn to be more vigilant in resisting its appeal. Milton devotes much of the poem’s early books to developing Satan’s character. Satan’s character changes significantly from Book I to his final appearance in Book X. In Book I he is a strong, imposing figure with great abilities as a leader and public statesmen, whereas by the poem’s end he
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