John Moody Case Study Essay

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John Moody What should be done to turn around the Organization? Charlotte Wilson Chancellor University Abstract This paper explores a case study in which an organization went into a recession and had to reorganize everything. I will be explaining how recession works and what happens in a recession. I will also talk about planning and organization of a business. We will also explore what people have to do when in a recession. John Moody What Should be Done to Turn Around the Organization Often time's people in this country today, take for-granted the comfort they have established over the past several years. A booming economy and a bull market has set the standard for today's society, giving us an optimistic outlook for…show more content…
The second dimension is tangibles which are things like physical facilities, equipment, personnel, communication materials, etc. The third dimension is responsiveness, as the company needs to make sure they are giving the customer the most adequate service, as well as promptly giving that service. The fourth dimension is assurance, which is when a company conveys trust and confidence so the consumer does not have to worry about their service being completed. The last dimension is empathy; because consumers do not want an uncaring person handling a mistake when they are stressed enough, but much rather have a caring employee deal with the matter. All of the quality dimensions are really focused around keeping your product or service where it has been without raising costs, as well as keeping a healthy customer service sector on board to work through troubling economic times where consumers do not want to worry about services that have been loyal to them in the past. (Hartlet et al., 2008, p. 34,36,121) (Hollis, 2008, p. 3-4)" One of the most common techniques used to assess an organization's performance is the Gap Analysis. According to Harvey and Brown (2001) this tool is typically used to assess an organization's response to opportunities in its environment. During
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